Hilton RFID

The Hilton Washington DC Mall adopts RFID to control linens washing.


The Hilton Washington DC hotel will use RFID to control the washing of more than 30,000 linens for 367 rooms.

Located steps from the National Mall, the White House, monuments, and museums, is the Washington DC Mall with a restaurant and bar, resort-style pool, Gym, executive lounge and conference space, infrastructure that requires 30,000 items of bedding, towels, and uniforms.

For this reason, those responsible for the Hilton hotel chain chose to use the RFID technology in the garments. Munish Sarup, Application Systems Analyst at the Hilton Washington DC National Mall, said "We started managing our bedding inventory from day one. The use of RFID technology allows us to automatically track laundry activity, control the aging of clothes, and efficiently manage warehouses."

To carry out the application of the technology, the hotel will use a washable RFID Tag on each of the pieces to be sent to the laundry room, and an RFID Reading Station on the laundry carts mounted with a touch screen monitor that instantly identifies and counts laundry clothes.

The functionality of the system allows the linens to be automatically tracked to and from the laundry room. This eliminates manual separation and counting of sheets by hand. Hilton Washington DC National Mall uses handheld RFID readers with mobile software to check inventory availability and keep the right linen inventory at all times

The deployment of RFID prevented non-theft related losses and reduced labor cost by 50% as it eliminates traditional tasks such as manual sorting, counting, and registration of garments.