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The Finochietto Sanatorium implemented RFID on all uniforms and hospitality items.

The Finochietto Sanatorium is a private care center located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which provides care and attention services in maternity and clinical surgical pathologies since 2011.

The institution uses state-of-the-art technology for the comprehensive care of the patient and his family, performing 15,000 surgeries a year, 1,800 births, 1,000 hemodynamics procedures, and providing care to 20,000 patients, in addition to 8,000 patients entering to the emergency room each month.

The Finochietto Sanatorium decided to implement RFID to track their uniforms and bedding linen, looking to achieve the following goals:

Eliminate lost and stolen items, as well as enhancing the traceability of uniforms used by the staff (nurses, doctors, and administrative staff) which represented a significant expense for the institution each year.

Reduce the risks of cross-contamination by preventing the unauthorized exit of all textile garments from the institution.

Ensure that hospital clothing is washed in compliance with established health requirements, and preventing the staff from removing their clothing and washing it in domestic processes that do not meet the requirements of asepsis and appropriate sterilization to ensure the hospital health.

Eliminate human errors in the manual counting of bedding linen and uniforms when they are sent to the laundry room or when they are entering the Sanatorium from the supplier, a process that had to be done manually in order to record the number of asset available and their location.

Reduce the bio-safety risks of personnel involved in the handling of garments coming from surgery rooms and may contain some sharp or cutting elements.


The Solution: Implement RFID Technology

The Finochietto Sanatorium implemented the Laundry RFID Solutiondeveloped by TelectrónicaThis system is composed of hardware and software specially designed for the healthcare industry, whose task is to control the inventory of uniforms used by the hospital staff (doctors, nurses, or administrative members) as well as the linen used on each bed and room.

This solution allowed the Finochietto Sanatorium to be able to effectively identify and trace each asset, reducing costs and losses as well as having a full visibility on the availability, location and status of each garment. It also allows the compliance with national health standards, thus providing a safe and reliable service to the patients.

The first step for the implementation was to identify each garment used by the institution (uniforms, bed sheets, and towels) with an RFID TAG. These tags are specially designed, developed and certified for use in the healthcare industry, so they stand washing high temperatures, ironing, sterilization, and complex medical studies such as magnetic resonance imaging.

For the outbound control of dirty clothes that are sent to the laundry room, RFID cabinets have been installed that account for dirty clothes that are inside plastic bags, without the need for the staff to have direct contact with the contaminated contents.

When clean clothes enter from the laundry room, the same process is carried out. The garments are controlled by reading their RFID tags, without having to count them one by one, thus saving valuable staff time and eliminating errors in the process.

Para evitar la fuga de activos se instalaron en todos los accesos y egresos del Sanatorio Finochietto portales RFID que permiten reconocer cuando cualquier activo de la institución está saliendo sin autorización.

Uniforms stock counts in depots and inpatient rooms are carried out using handheld RFID terminals that allow real-time visibility of the amount of clothing available into the sanatorium.

Due to the criticality and impact of these processes in the healthcare industry, Telectrónica implemented state-of-the-art equipment manufactured by Zebra Technologies, a global leading supplier of automatic data capture technology. and RFID tags designed for the healthcare industry, manufactured by Datamars.  

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At-a-glance Results. Benefits of Implementation

Thanks to the implementation of the Laundry RFID Solution , the Finochietto Sanatorium optimized the times that employees used to manually account for the bedding or uniforms one by one, reducing inconsistencies in the stock, improving the assets visibility, and knowing their location and status in real-time.

Stock audits are carried out in the uniform warehouse and the different inpatient rooms in an agile and reliable way, having traceability that allows knowing which items and in which sizes are inside the Finochietto Sanatorium.

It also reduced the amount of assets lost or stolen from the Sanatorium, which avoids the unnecessary purchase of new units and represents significant savings for the institution.

Finally, the biosafety of personnel involved in the clothing handling at the hospital was improved as they do not need to have contact with clothing in order to count it.

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