Swiss Medical Group

Implementation in Swiss Medical Group.

RFID laundry SMG

Swiss Medical is one of the leading private healthcare services providers in Argentina.

The organization was born in 1989 with the construction of the Clinic and Maternity Suizo Argentina, which would be the first of the current eight owned clinics, ten outpatient care centers, and six dental centers.

The group handles hundreds of units of bedding for hospitalizations, using towels, covers, sheets, nightgowns, as well as the uniforms of the staff, that need to be washed on a daily basis. Swiss Medical Group owns the SM Laundry division that provides laundry services to its clinics and also to other healthcare institutions.

In order to manage high volumes of clothing, the SMG Laundry division deployed the Laundry RFID Solution from TelectrónicaThis implementation allows the laundry to track and trace all its hospital garments.

SMG decided to implement RFID technology in the laundry process from the very beginning, in order to operate efficiently, reduce costs, increase their productivity and avoid human errors during the manual count of garments coming from the clinics. Thanks to the RFID solution, SMG Group is able keep an accurate traceability record of their assets, knowing exactly how many washing cycles each garment has been subjected to.

The main need was to have real time traceability of the linen and garments, knowing the exact location of the clothing throughout the washing cycle, thus avoiding assets being lost and the unnecessary expenses for their replacement.


RFID Project

An TAG RFID specially designed for the healthcare industry was attached on each of the garments used at the hospitals. This RFID Tag allows to identify each asset with a unique serial identification number, critical for their traceability.

In order to trace more than 100,000 garments tagged with RFID, tunnels, cabinets and reading points were installed at the laundry facility and at each clinic.

The dirty soils are counted when they arrive at the laundry room into plastic bags, and the same process is carried out when they are shipped to the clinics after being cleaned, sterilized, and ironed.

In addition, portable RFID readers are used to keep traceability records of the garments at all times and to perform fast and reliable stock counts. That way each clinic is able to confirm the effective reception of garments and know in real time how many they have available.


The Results.

Thanks to RFID technology, periodic cycle counts can be carried out, avoiding the loss of clothes and knowing where each of the garments is located at all time.

This deployment improved the laundry efficiency, reducing the time needed to inbound control of garments (since they are now reading automatically each asset tag), prepare the shipments and dispatch them, while eliminating the safety risk previously involved, when the staff had direct contact with dirty clothes for manual counting.

With RFID you have speed and confidence in the readings made by the tunnels, you can control in a simple way each of the processes that are carried out both in the laundry room and in the clinics, being able to quickly detect if there are garments that were not registered in the system if they do not correspond to the institution to which they were sent, and if there are anomalies in the processes, which must be verified by supervisors of the location where the problem was detected.

With this technology, SMG Group can track in real time the movements that are recorded for each of the garments, being able to visualize the inventory availability at each location, as well as garments in transit between locations or assets that are lost.